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Big City suds are made with wonderful high quality olive and vegetable oils. There are no fillers, chemicals or hardeners. Our soaps leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, not dry and itchy!


All of our soaps are handmade using a cold-process method, where nutrient-rich oils are blended with distilled water and sodium hydroxide. They are then poured into molds, cut, and left to cure for 4-6 weeks. The natural result of this method is a soap that is very high in glycerin, and attracts moisture to the skin.


Each batch begins with olive oil, palm oil, and coconut oil, as this combination results in a gentle soap with a silky feel and a beautiful lather. From there we incorporate additional ingredients such as luxury butters, infusions, mineral-rich clays, and botanicals, to influence the feel, scent, and sight of the finished bar. No animal fats are used, and products that contain any animal products such as beeswax, honey, or milk, are indicated in the list of ingredients.

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